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Looking Ahead to Cleveland - First Preseason Game on Saturday

Saturday's Family Night scrimmage was canceled due to bad weather and there was no practice on Sunday, so the Green Bay Packers are getting back to practice on Monday. Here's the upcoming practice schedule:

Monday August 10 Afternoon Practice
Tuesday August 11 Morning and Afternoon Practice
Wednesday August 12 No Practice
Thursday August 13 Morning and Afternoon Practice
Friday August 14 No Public Practice

Then on Saturday the Cleveland Browns are playing at Lambeau in the first preseason game. Unlike the Packers, they managed to have their scrimmage over the weekend. I'm not sure what they are looking for this preseason; maybe just to see new head coach Eric Mangini in action. As for the Packers, I'm eager to see how the new 3-4 performs and if the offensive line can come together.

Also, maybe sometime this week DT B.J. Raji could manage to sign the contract that will make him a multi-millionaire and get into camp. Only five guys remain unsigned as I write this. I'm standing by my projection that he'll get 5 years, $30 million ($19 guaranteed) and his agent will have wasted the first part of training camp by keeping his client at home. You could try and speculate who he's waiting for, but it all comes down to 49ers WR Michael Crabtree who is looking for some sort of premium contract. There's no recent news about Crabs at Niners Nation, as I write this, but I did come across a pretty good fantasy forecast on their site about the Packers:

Aaron Rodgers was the 3rd most scoring fantasy QB, and Greg Jennings finished 4th amongst wide outs. Your draft board will include a few Packers, and drafting the combo of Rodgers and Jennings is one of the few times I'll recommend chasing two players on the same NFL team.