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Raji Is Out Of Town, Greene and Trogvac

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DT B.J. Raji was seen getting on an airplane and leaving Green Bay. From Greg Bedard:

Witnesses at Austin Straubel International Airport saw Raji boarding a plane out of Green Bay at around 6 p.m. An employee confirmed to the Journal Sentinel that a "Busari Raji" -- Raji's given name -- checked in for a flight to Chicago.

I initially thought the Packers might have trouble signing Raji. It's not about him, but it seems to be hard to sign players drafted around No. 10 overall. Jacksonville had a lot of trouble signing DE Derrick Harvey last year, who didn't sign until August 27th. Would you think it's hard for a defensive lineman to come into camp late?

Maybe he's not eager to get an earful from his new defensive coaches. Outside linebacker coach Kevin Greene is bringing a lot of intesity to practice. From Kevin Seifert:

According to linebacker Brady Poppinga, Greene lost his temper several times during the first week of camp. At one point, Poppinga said Greene told them he was resisting the urge to head-butt them. Poppinga, a wild-eyed player in his own right, wisely talked him down.

That would be what Mike McCarthy called "outgoing".

Another new coach is defensive line coach Mike Trgovac, who had spent the past few seasons as Carolina's defensive coordinator. He wasn't fired in Carolina, his contract was up and he didn't want to return. Possibly because he had a falling out with their franchise player, DE Julius Peppers. If that's true, then maybe it was because of stuff like this, again from Kevin Seifert:

My lasting image of Trgovac last week was watching his face turn blue when he realized that several rookie defensive linemen didn't realize it was their turn to take the field during team drills. I can't come anywhere close to quoting him for a family Web site, and the sentence wouldn't make sense with all of the necessary "expletive deleteds." Suffice it to say, Trgovac displayed quite a range of volume and vocabulary while sprinting toward the players to shove them into the drill.