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Monday Packers Practice: Barnett, Raji, Hawk, and Harrell

No one is more relieved that LB Nick Barnett is back on the practice field then the man himself. From his Twitter:

And shot out to the fans who cheered me out today thanksq a lot.. Even the hater who sad Nick you better be worried about your spot lol...

I just got done watching the film I must say I am really proud of myself.. I know it's the first day but man I put in a lot of work

Also it was the first training camp practice for DT B.J. Raji

Is LB A.J. Hawkpart-time player? I've been pulling for the guy, but 2008 was a big disappointment. Unfortunately the reality is that he's only a marginal starter. He's one of the better LBs in pass coverage, which itself is a debatable point, but he's very poor at stopping the run. Not a good trait for an inside linebacker.

It's been a hell of an August for DE Justin Harrell. He went from miracle acupuncture recovery to having a setback to talking about the end of his career. He hasn't given up yet, and I still hope he can overcome his back injuries. But if he can't make it back this season, DE Michael Montgomery has had a strong camp (he got the start on Saturday night) and rookie DE Jarius Wynn played well again and again on Monday.