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Why Brett Favre Has Betrayed the Green Bay Packers

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The idea that QB Brett Favre has somehow betrayed the Green Bay Packers is something that I've had a problem with. Although he retired in March 2008, he came back that August. Instead of welcoming him back, they traded him away to New York. The organization, in the end, turned their back on him. So if he has changed his mind and decided to continue to play football, then he has the right to make $12 million and play football where ever he wants. Grow up; the NFL is a business, and Favre and the Packers should treat this like a business.

Favre, from

"If you're a true Packer fan, you understand. You say, 'You know what? He chose to continue playing, they chose to go in a different direction, it's part of the business.' "

Well that's one point of view. But that's not mine. This is about commitment. 

What hasn't crossed Favre's mind is that, in the end, he wasn't committed to the Green Bay Packers. He turned his back on his career and the organization in March 2008. He dumped them.

If he changed his mind in April 2008, or May 2008, maybe there could have been a reconcilation. But he waited way, way too long. He decided he didn't want to deal with the messy/boring stuff, like offseason work and training camp. He only wants to be involved when it's convenient for him. He isn't 100% committed to them.

At some point the Packers organization had to say enough. He's in-and-out as it suits him, and they've got lives of their own. It's time for them to move on. They can't sit around for five months and wonder if you'll really come back when they've got another talented QB in Aaron Rodgers who has shown that he's 100% committed. They aren't going to be played like a fool anymore.

Again from, Vikings head coach Brad Childress, without a hint of irony:

"He had to feel good about it," said Childress. "He understands you have to be 100% committed. He understands and I understand what the commitment is for an NFL season to dive in. He had to be all in."

And of all the other NFL teams, he just had to choose the one he knew they really didn't want him to play for. Actions speak louder than words, once again from

"This is not about revenge, believe me."