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Tuesday Packers Practice: Raji, Sutton, and Montgomery

I know it's not QB Brett Favre news, but I'm sure some people (like me) are interested in what's going on with the guys who are currently wearing Green Bay Packers jerseys.

The practice schedule: there were two practices on Tuesday, Wednesday's an off day, two on Thursday, private practice on Friday, and then the Buffalo Bills travel to Lambeau on Saturday.

Reports from practice were rather subdued and distracted by all the Favre talk. But a couple things to note:

  • The big news with DT B.J. Raji is that he's been practicing a lot. Although he missed about 12 practices due to his late signing, he's been playing in the 3-4 base defense and in the nickel defense (a 4-2-5 alignment). He's kept himself in shape and the coaches aren't holding him back. But he hasn't been blowing them away in practice either.
  • We've been discussing why there isn't more talk about undrafted free agent RB Tyrell Sutton. I discussed a couple points in in the linked FanPost, but another problem is that he's not good at picking up the blitz, which is essential for a running back, especially a potential 3rd down back.
  • One surprise last Saturday was that DE Michael Montgomery started at left end. I expected DE Johnny Jolly would start, but apparently he didn't because the coaches are still holding him back as he recovers from an ankle injury suffered early in training camp. Montgomery's played well as far as I can tell, he almost made another great play in practice on Tuesday, but at 273 lbs., he's the lightest player still considered a defensive lineman. What's so odd about Montgomery starting at left end is that position has usually been played by much bigger guys like Jolly (320 lbs.), Raji (337 lbs.), and DE Justin Harrell (320 lbs.)