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First Day of Training Camp for the Green Bay Packers

When I read about training camp, I'm just glad no one gets hurt:

* Best news of the day for the Packers: Near-perfect attendance, and no new injuries. NT B.J. Raji was the only player absent -- see this post for more on that -- and only LBs Nick Barnett (knee) and Brad Jones (back) did not participate.

Unlike in Minnesota where they got off to a rough start when QB Tarvaris Jackson has suffered a sprained knee. As to the Packers, both Barnett and Jones failed their physicals on Friday, so their absences were expected. Although it sounds like DE Cullen Jenkins is back to 100% after missing most of last season with a torn pectoral muscle. There's just no one else like him on the roster who can rush the passer and stop the run from the defensive end position.

Raji is still out as he works out his contract, but as I'm writing this, he is one of thirteen 1st round picks that remain unsigned. This seems worse than usual, especially when you consider some camps started a week ago. Too many sides seem unwilling to blink yet.

Otherwise I think it's a lot more exciting to be there. It's not very interesting reading the recaps, although with the advent of Twitter, some unexpected items are posted like "Brandon Jackson's calves are huge" and "Nick Barnett's mane". Barnett does have a crazy picture currently up on his Twitter page. The biggest event might have been the opening of the new Ray Nitschke Field.