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In Minnesota - Tarvaris Jackson Could Be Out

From Daily Norseman:

Charley Walters thinks T-Jack will be traded or released by Friday -- he thinks a seventh-rounder is the best the Vikings could receive in a trade.  Not that I consider Walters the least bit credible, but it's interesting that Jason La Canfora talked to some league personnel executives and reached the same conclusion: Jackson is the odd man out.  La Canfora sees a fifth-rounder as the most compensation a T-Jack deal could get for the Vikings.

I don't think QB Tarvaris Jackson is very good, but he's not worthless. He does have some value. The price of a 5th or 7th round draft choice is certainly not much for a player who had a QB rating over 95 last season. A lot of teams could use him as a potential starter or backup. What team would be the best fit for him?

Off the top of my head, I thought of St. Louis. His mobility might make him better suited for a dome team, and he would play at least 6 games against the lousy pass defenses of the NFC West. He might even make a decent backup fantasy option if he started for the Rams.