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Brett Favre - First Game as a Minnesota Viking

I didn't watch the game because I'm not in the habit of watching preseason games between Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs. Even if it was QB Brett Favre's first game as a Viking. He had to start the game for P.R. purposes. From Daily Norseman:

Bottom line: He was rusty.  You could tell he hasn't been with an NFL team for these last several months.  You could also tell that he's new to this team and isn't acclimated with the receiving corps yet.  But he made the veteran moves this team wants him to make.  He attempted to draw the Chiefs offsides.  He made a couple of tough throws and took a couple of tough hits on plays that a less-experienced quarterback might have taken a sack on.

I'd like to thank everyone who posted comments this week about Brett Favre. Pick the thread and you'll probably find some personal and nasty comments at some point. I'm not one to ban or warn comments or their authors, so I've let things run their course this week. I know I've got a line, but it hasn't been crossed, yet. It's not every week that Favre signs with a rival team, so I expect everything will calm down and get back to normal in another week. I've had my say about the subject and I'm glad to have read all the comments from everyone who had something to say about this subject too.