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Fantasy Football: Who To Draft At No. 7 Overall

On FleaFlicker, the Acme Packing Company sponsored league Lombardi Avenue is set to draft next Tuesday in a 12 team league. I usually like drafting at the top of the 1st round, but I'm not sold on anybody after RB Adrian Peterson, so I'm OK with my current spot. I'm drafting at No. 7 overall, and then again at No. 19 overall in the 2nd round.

Without going into the scoring system, I'll use the FleaFlicker default draft rankings as a guide. Not surprisingly, the top 6 players are running backs. I'll assume all those players will be gone by the time I pick. The default rankings have the following three players ranked at No. 7 through No. 9: WR Andre Johnson, WR Larry Fitzgerald, RB DeAngelo Williams.

I could have my pick between the top 2 WRs on nearly everyone's draft board. That's great, but it's also too early. QB Drew Brees is ranked No. 10 overall, but again, it's too early.

Fake Teams makes a very good point about Williams. If WR Steve Smith is hurt, what's to stop everybody from stacking 8 men in the box to shut down Carolina's great run offense. Without Smith, why would you respect Carolina's passing game at all?

But Fake Teams has jumped all aboard the RB Steve Slaton bandwagon, ranking him as the No. 4 RB overall. Slaton is ranked No. 13 in the FleaFlicker default rankings, so it's not a crazy pick. How about it; Slaton or Williams at No. 7 overall?

At No. 19, I've got a lot of choices. No. 19 on the FleaFlicker default rankings is WR Calvin Johnson, but drafting a Lion in the 2nd round? I'd probably be able to take a chance that RB Brian Westbrook will recover from ankle surgery. Or I could probably go with the best available Packer; QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Greg Jennings should be around.