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APC Fantasy League Draft Live Thread

At 8:30 EST, the Acme Packing Company Fantasy Football League will commence its second season. We have some owners returning from last year, and some newcomers as well. Right now, everyone has a chance to win it all.

But tonight may very well decide who has the edge as the season begins. Join us for the 2009 APC Fantasy Draft Live Thread!

The live draft, hosted by Fleaflicker, is a battle of wits to end all wit-battles. It requires cunning, poise, strategy, and just a dose of trash talk. The ten owners in the league have these in spades, and some of them have already started making moves by trading draft picks.

It's going to be a fun draft, I can feel it. Let's take a look at the draft order:

  1. WildCats (PackerDad)
  2. The Incredible Bulk (IncredibleBulk)
  3. Ernest Goes To Kamp (TexWestern)
  4. Iowa Kennedys (mkhawk21)
  5. Favre-Dollar Footlong (zingzhang182)
  6. Brandon Jennings' Kid-N-Play Fade (Mitchell_M)
  7. PackAttack09 (PackAttack08)
  8. Notre Dame Box (AcmeBrandon)
  9. Green and Gold Horde (NYCPack)
  10. Devil Dogs (ShadowNix)

Fantasy football success is largely determined by what you do with your draft slot. Do you take the best rated player available? Do you reach for someone who might or might not be there for you later? Do you trade it away altogether to get more picks in lower rounds? Or do you go all-in and trade up to get the surefire fantasy stud? Anything can happen!

I'll be posting updates as they happen in the comments section. Feel free to throw in your own thoughts, analysis, and barbs as the picks are reported.

Fantasy football is upon us again! If only it were as good as the real thing.