Vick on the Pack?

On today, I noticed this little blurb: GM Thompson won't rule out Vick. Now I completely understand that Ted Thompson is the kind of guy who doesn't know the words "no" or "yes", so I would say the Packers have as much (or as little) interest in Vick as every other team that hasn't given a downright "no" thus far. I guess I'm a little intrigued about other Packers fans' thoughts about Vick joining the team. Personally, I want the Packers to field the best team, and I know that Vick is better than Flynn and Brohm combined. I know there is more of a concern with Vick being a cancer for a team than there is with just about any other player in the NFL (until the 2010 Bills' season, when TO's traditional one-year honeymoon is over). I feel, however, that Green Bay is the kind of place that could show Vick how to be a teammate, and more so, a man. Thoughts?

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