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Michael Vick and the Green Bay Packers

GM Ted Thompson is very selective about his free agents, so QB Michael Vick to the Green Bay Packers seemed impossible just because of all the baggage he'll bring with him into the locker room. I heard this rumor earlier today and ignored it because I thought it couldn't be real. But here's Thompson, unbelievably, not denying it

"What is the answer that we give to questions like this? We’re always looking to improve our team," Thompson said. "We look at all options at all times. I wouldn’t care to speculate in terms of the odds or the percentages (of signing Vick) or anything like that."

They don't need another wide receiver project, they've got a couple undrafted rookie free agents all ready, and certainly don't need a QB project with two 2nd year QBs already on the roster. Maybe he could help them if he's able to play right tackle...(kidding!). 

Although I don't expect they'll sign Vick, it's possible they might be interested. Not much has been said this offseason about backup QB Brian Brohm or QB Matt Flynn. The team might be down on one, or both. Despite being out of the NFL for the past two seasons, and he's never been much of a passer either, he's got a lot of starting experience and he would transform the running game. That's not better than QB Aaron Rodgers, but it's a decent resume for a backup QB. And they did offer a contract to QB Daunte Culpepper last summer, which he rejected in favor of retirement, and then later signed with Detroit when he got a 2 year deal. So Thompson has considered signing a veteran to play behind Rodgers in the past.

They did sign WR Koren Robinson in 2006 after his arrest and release from Minnesota, but that was somewhat different because GM Thompson knew Robinson from their time together in Seattle. Although it does show Thompson is willing to take a chance.

I have no interest in them signing Vick because he's overrated and comes with a lot of baggage. But it's not impossible that the Packers might sign him.

I already promoted a very timely FanPost to the front page, but I had to get my two cents on the front page too.