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Tuesday Training Camp Roundup

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The Green Bay Packers had two practices on Tuesday and no practices scheduled for Wednesday. Some players are getting banged up (such as RB Brandon Jackson and C Duke Preston), but no major injuries. The Tuesday live blogs from the Journal-Sentinel are here and here, and from the Press-Gazette are here and here. Here's my general recap of what has been going on in training camp so far:

  • The defense is way ahead of the offense. That might surprise, since the team has an new defensive coaching staff and scheme this season, but it's typical that the defense is ahead of the offense early in the season.
  • The defensive line is killing the offensive line. DE Cullen Jenkins has been great, but I've read tweets about good plays from backups DE Justin Harrell, DE Jarius Wynn, and DE Dean Muhtadi. It doesn't seem like the projected offensive line starters are the problem, instead it's the backups like C Duke Preston, OT Dane Randolph, OT Jamon Meredith, OL Tony Moll, and RT Allen Barbre who are struggling.
  • All the quarterbacks are struggling, but many receivers are dropping balls and the offensive line isn't providing a lot of help.
  • Nearly all the linebackers are making plays. Surprisingly, backup LB Desmond Bishop might be playing the best.
  • The secondary might be struggling. It's hard to tell from live blogs, but I keep reading CB Al Harris name (not in a good way). There have been a few tweets about wide open receivers and blown coverage.