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Around the NFC North Training Camps

Since there was no practice on Wednesday, it seems like a good idea to look around the rest of the NFC North and see how their training camps are going.


  • The big news on the field was the QB Tarvaris Jackson injury. A sprained MCL. The injury occured on Saturday, and by Wednesday he was back to practice. Still something to keep an eye on.
  • The big news off the field was the legal win for DT Kevin Williams and DT Pat Williams. It looks less and less likely they'll be suspended for their use of StarCaps. Although it sounds like the NFL will keep pushing the case.
  • Chicago

  • They're probably having the most boring training camp in the NFC North, which is good news for them. Everyone is signed and at practice, with few injuries to report. The biggest news is QB Eli Manning just signed a contract extension which probably set the bar for QB Jay Cutler and his next contract.
  • Detroit

  • Injuries, injuries, injuries. Including the second 1st round pick TE Brandon Pettigrew and their only true star, WR Calvin Johnson, who jammed his fingers and it was obviously bothering him.