DBs and LBs

Starting with the DBs, reports are saying Capers and Whitt are scheming up more blitz passages for the DBs. The secondary last year just rushed the passer a total of 31 times. Out of the 31 times Woodson lead the unit with 10 times and getting 3 sacks. So Woodson is the forefront to be the one most rushing from the secondary. Which has its positives and negatives. Woodson is a playmaker! But do we want to be taking our best CB out of coverage more often?

The positive with the story has to do with another Woodson, Rod Woodson. Rod now a HOF served under Capers while at Pittsburgh from '92-94. Rod Woodson had a total of 11 sacks and was defensive player of the year while under Capers. So lets hope Capers can do that with our Woodson too!

The LBs.... First off while looking up some info about Capers I knew LB coach Kevin Greene played for the Panthers under Capers but didnt know he was also a  part of Capers LB corp that revamped the Steelers to that "blitzburgh" team. So how lucky are we to have a coaches working together after they were coach and player together! Talk about knowing the system..

But back to the topic, Capers and Moss are taking to the idea of using the backers as situational. Using Hawk and Barnett on running plays and Chillar and Bishop on passing plays.  This will put the best players for the certain situaition, but does it put the best athlete and player on the field? Late in the game with the other team running a 2 minute O do you really want Chillar and Bishop on the field the whole time instead of a more experienced Barnett?

So what does everyone think about Woodson and the rest of the secondary blitzing more and having situational LBs?

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