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Monday Practice; Flynn is Back, Jackson is Hurt, and Who Will Start

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It was suspected on Sunday, and confirmed on Monday. "The Green Bay Packers have released P Durant Brooks, WR JaRon Harris and LB Stryker Sulak."

How to turn a great preseason awful: trade WR Donald Driver and TE Donald Lee for WR Brandon Marshall. Feel free to explain in the comments, either here or at the original FanPost, how dumb this is. Does this even count as a rumor?

QB Matt Flynn was back at practice and back at holder, but he doesn't appear to be throwing yet.

I'm not sure how bad RB Brandon Jackson is hurt. It was reported to be a shin injury, but it seems more serious if there's talk about keeping four running backs.

I don't believe that S Atari Bigby is being pushed by S Anthony Smith. Bigby has always played with the 1st team defense and Smith only did on Friday night after Bigby got hurt. Bigby hasn't had a flashy preseason, but I haven't seen him get burned either, while I have seen some dumb penalties from Smith. 

The team may love LB A.J. Hawk, but I'm not a fan anymore. The 2008 season was too disappointing. LB Desmond Bishop is better against the run, and LB Brandon Chillar is better in pass coverage, so Hawk should start because...?