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Brett Favre on Monday Night Football

I didn't watch much of the Vikings/Texans game on Monday Night Football, but I did manage to catch both Viking TD drives.

On the first one, I noticed that the Texans couldn't tackle RB Adrian Peterson. On the second one, I noticed that they couldn't tackle WR Percy Harvin or RB Chester Taylor. Maybe the Vikings are great at breaking tackles, but it's more likely that the Texans need to work on their tackling. 

QB Brett Favre has lost some of the zip on his passes, which is understandable since he's almost 40, but for the most part he looked the same as he's looked over the past few seasons. Anthony at Daily Norseman seemed happy with him.

The rib injury doesn't seem like a big deal. Favre isn't indestructible; he's often had injuries like this during the season that he's played through. 

Did anyone watch the entire game? How did the Vikings and/or Favre look?