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I'd Like To Thank Everyone Reading This

This August has been one of my greatest month's writing on Acme Packing Company. There has been a huge jump in members, comments, and FanPosts, which I love to see. 

If you aren't already a member, please consider signing up for an account and joining in on the discussion. Or even creating a discussion all your own. Soliman did a great post on the running backs during the first two preseason games. Green and Bold wrote an analysis of the projected 53 man roster. And I loved the story about Brett Favre's evil twin. I appreciated all the FanPosts, and that doesn't even include all the great comments I've read.

Unfortunately there have been a couple trolls on the site this month. Obviously it's something every site on the internet has to deal with. Usually I feel the best response is no response to someone who's just looking for attention. If you feel something is completely inappropriate, please feel free to flag the post or comments, and you can email me at any time. Here's the community guidelines:

You agree to write out loud what you're thinking inside about the Packers, but remember, we're all just fans here and everyone should be treated with respect.