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Football Outsiders: Now They Love The Packers

I was disappointed when I read the Football Outsiders Almanac 2009 with the prediction that the Green Bay Packers would not make the playoffs. The only comfort in this fact is that, although they are the best when it comes to NFL statistical analysis, they don't always get it right. In the 2008 edition of their book, they expected the Packers would make the playoffs; not go 6-10.

After watching the preseason unfold, they got back together for their 2009 Staff Predictions. Not only does the post lead with a picture of QB Aaron Rodgers, but they've had a change of heart. 5 of their 12 writers expect the Packers will beat their initial projection and make it to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately only one writer expects the Packers to win the Super Bowl.

As far as other preseason predictions go, Green and Bold posted a good roundup last week. After I interviewed SI's Lee Jenkins about the Sports Illustrated NFL Preview issue, he predicted the Packers would win the NFC North. A lot of people who know football have liked what they've seen so far from the Packers.