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Post Game Press Conference: Packers Defeat Bears

From Mike McCarthy. Only S Atari Bigby had a serious injury; we'll have to wait a couple days to see how he's doing. McCarthy goes out of his way to avoid any criticism of his players at press conferences, but even he had to say some about the awful game from RT Allen Barbre.

Q:How's Bigby? 
A:The injuries tonight, Atari had a knee, I think it will be a knee sprain. He got caught up there on that one pass. Johnny Jolly had the wind knocked out of him, I think he'll be fine. And Nick Collins returned, he had cramps. 

Q:Can you almost expect a rough start for someone new starting at right tackle for the first time in eight years? 
A:Well, I need to look at the film. I don't want to be here critical, but Allen Barbre had some tough moments. We had, I think it was three sacks off seven-man protection and that's not going to cut it. That's what we'll look at the film tomorrow and we'll correct it as an offense.