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Keep Looking Back: Green Bay Packers Defeat Bears

Football Outsiders released their Week 1 DVOA ratings on Tuesday for the final statistical analysis:

Team Offense  Overall Run Offense Pass Offense
Packers 11 19 14
Bears 30 30 23


Team Defense Overall Run Defense Pass Defense
Packers 3 8 3
Bears 18 20 13

It's probably not a surprise that the defense was great, but the offense wasn't that bad (No. 11 overall) either. Of course, the game isn't won on the box score, and offensive coordinator Joe Philbin was not happy with how it looked. From Mike Vandermause:

"It’s not the statistics I’m concerned about," said Philbin. "It’s the film I’m worried about because the film’s not very good. And when the film’s not very good, you open up a can of worms to how teams are going to attack you down the road."

Without mentioning RT Allen Barbre in particular, o-line coach James Campen knows his unit struggled. Hmm...maybe when Campen says "unit" he really means "Barbre". From Mike Vandermause:

From footwork, to hand placement, to body angles, you name it. "Put on the tape, it was flat fundamentals," Campen said "It wasn’t their guys are stronger than our guys, overpowering our guys, (or) we’re not athletic and all those types of things."

And finally, again from Football Outsiders, the analysis of QB Aaron Rodgers (16th best QB in week 1):  

While it was overshadowed by the Jay Cutler Fiasco, Rodgers didn't exactly have a great game himself. He overthrew open receivers repeatedly, both way down the field and relatively close to the line of scrimmage. Taking a 11-yard sack for a safety on third-and-13 wasn't exactly a great moment in the history of pocket presence, either; of course, we doubt you can find a Packers fan who cares after that last throw.

QB Jay Cutler (30th):

Everything was off. The timing wasn't there; Cutler seemed to be trying to hit the space behind his receiver's back shoulder on every throw. The luck wasn't there; usually, Johnny Jolly drops that interception. The communication wasn't there; Cutler made a few throws to the wrong shoulder or at the wrong time, including the game-ender to Al Harris. Cutler's worst game as a Bear over the next five years might just have came in his debut.

and WR Devin Hester (3rd best WR):

If you promised the Bears four catches for 90 yards from Hester every week, they'd lock themselves into a contract. Three of Hester's four receptions were for 20 yards or more, each picked up a first down, one went for a touchdown ... Hester packed as much into these four passes as even he could.