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Readers, I Need A Favor

Like most of you, I am excited for tomorrow's game against Cincinnati.  However, unlike most of you, I will not have the opportunity to watch it on TV, watch it online, comment on the game thread, or in any way monitor the game.  Instead, I have the pleasure of working a shift from 12:00 to 7:00 PM, and I lack any sort of mobile internet technology.

So here's what I want from you guys (and gals, but so far I know of no confirmed females on the site).  I want to be able to come home and read the most detailed live thread comments in the history of APC.  Comments not enough?  Make a FanPost, a FanShot, or something, anything, that helps describe the game for those of us not fortunate enough to watch it live.

Consider it a personal favor to me, one of your beloved site writers.  I'd offer a prize, but I'm too poor to really put up anything valuable, so the best I can do is some sort of shout out over the course of next week.  And hey, the exchange rate of shout-outs-to-dollars is at an all-time high!  Or is that euros?  Or yen?  Or gold?  Economics was never my thing.

And, given the state of things, this might be a regular occurance with me (except on nationally televised games, which I will make a point to be available to watch), so perhaps we can make it a contest.  Readers with the most quality comments and/or other game-related compositions at the end of the year might get something concrete.  And yes, I'm using concrete in the abstract sense; I will not send you a cinder block for your troubles. 

So what do ya say, fellows?  Can you help this Wisconsin-transplant-turned-weekend-cafe-manager out?