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What It Means To Lose Chad Clifton

The Bengals recorded six sacks last Sunday, five by DE Antwan Odom, as he beat LT Chad Clifton and LG Daryn ColledgeFrom Tom Pelissero:

♦ Three of Odom’s sacks came against Colledge, who got beat inside each time off of the initial punch. Rodgers was chiefly responsible for another for not throwing the ball away, and Grant gets the bulk of the blame for the other because he whiffed after Lee got an initial chip. 

With Clifton out at least two weeks with an ankle injury. Colledge will take over at tackle. Fresh off his three sack allowed performance, although he played with a sprained foot. The only good news is that the Rams have managed one sack in their first two games, so maybe the anemic pass protection can hold off their anemic pass rush. How many sacks and hits on QB Aaron Rodgers should we expect on Sunday?