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New Starter: SS Derrick Martin

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From Tom Silverstein:

Packers coach Mike McCarthy hasn't officially chosen between Martin and Jarrett Bush to replace the injured Atari Bigby (ankle) and the recently released Aaron Rouse, but it's no secret Martin is the top choice. He has lined up with the starters in practice while Bush has been nursing a sore ankle that, when all is said and done, may not even be a factor in the decision...

Though Martin doesn't look the part of a strong safety, he'll probably end up playing there a lot because Nick Collins needs to be in the deep backfield as much as possible. With Collins coming off a painful chest injury, it might be better for Martin to be up doing the heavy hitting and limiting the pounding Collins takes...

With S Aaron Rouse gone, and SS Atari Bigby still out, I expected S Jarrett Bush to get the start since he's been with the team since 2007, while SS Derrick Martin has only been with them since the start of the month. However, I know there aren't a lot of Jarrett Bush fans in the audience, so this might be a welcome move. But is it the right move?