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Packers Lose Final Preseason Game at Tennessee; Raji is Injured

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I've got nothing right now. I wasn't able to watch the game live, and I'll be posting my game analysis this weekend.

In a way I'm glad they lost one preseason game. They always lose the game against Tennessee anyway. But as a true sports fan, I've got a thing for jinxes and I don't want the Packers to be associated with Detroit, who won all their preseason games in 2008 (before their epic 0-16 regular season).

The most important thing during preseason is staying healthy, and there were some injuries:

  • DT B.J. Raji. He injured his ankle or his foot. It doesn't appear to be serious, but who knows. And according to Greg Bedard, Raji didn't want to talk about it after the game.
  • S Anthony Smith. It was a bad night in the secondary. It got so bad in the 4th quarter that WR Brett Swain played at CB. Smith was the first one to go down with a shot to the head, but he returned later in the quarter.
  • CB Brandon Underwood. The trainers came out for him twice before he finally called it a night. Tom Pellisero said it's a stinger and he had to be carted off. That doesn't sound good.
  • CB Pat Lee. He's barely played at all this preseason and then, Greg Bedard reported, that he hyperextended his knee in the 3rd quarter. The coaches will probably give him a couple days to see how his knee responds, but as Lee himself suspects, it might land him on I.R.
  • CB Trevor Ford. Probably the worst football night of his life. He's fighting for his NFL career and he's beaten on two TD passes and hurt in the final minute of the game.
Bottom line; the only starter hurt was Raji, and we won't know how serious it is for another day or two. Smith's had a great preseason, but his injury was the least severe and I doubt he'll miss any time. The final three guys are battling for the number 5 CB job, so while their injuries are bad news, their absences wouldn't impact the team on the field for week 1 vs. Chicago.