Charles Woodson Wins DPOY and Tex's Season Review

First, a quick update: Charles Woodson has just won Defensive Player of the Year! Now on to my review.

Randall Avenue in Madison became a river of beer at 7:00 PM on Sunday. We all know what happened, so I won't rehash the last play again, but it was a shocking and disappointing end to an excellent season and an incredible Wild-Card game.

As hard as it is to beat a team twice in one season, it's even tougher to do it in consecutive weeks. The Packers had to play the Cardinals three times this season, and unfortunately, the one game that actually mattered was the one that the Green and Gold couldn't pull off. However, as we have been reminded for the last 36 hours, this team showed incredible toughness, both mentally and physically, to make it a game after trailing 17-0 and 31-10. So if there is one thing we can take away from this loss, it is that the Pack showed incredible strength of will to get to overtime.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty proud of my season preview. I predicted an 11-5 record, and I'm pleased that much of my game analysis was fairly accurate. I was disappointed to see my prediction of a loss to the Buccaneers come true, and I didn't expect a sweep either way in the Bears or Vikings series. In any case, the Pack finished right on par with where I expected, but did so despite losing Aaron Kampman and Al Harris mid-season. The emergence of Clay Matthews and Brad Jones helped to alleviate the the loss of Kampman, and a late-season schedule of teams that had few receiving threats helped with the latter. However, the lack of secondary depth is clearly one of the biggest issues facing this team in the offseason (along with the offensive line).

I'll finish my season in review with my five most memorable moments from the regular season. Unfortunately, not all will be happy memories, but in a season like this, there are enough positives to go around to help us all feel optimistic for next season.

5: Clay Matthews strips Adrian Peterson

I'd rank this much higher if we had won the game, but it was Clay's "Hello, NFL" moment.

4: Jay Cutler implodes in his Bears debut

His poutyness introduced himself to Bears fans in the worst way imaginable: throwing four interceptions to their archrivals in the opening game of the season. Naturally, we loved it.

3: Charles Woodson owns Tony Romo

Chuck was a one-man wrecking crew against the Cowboys, forcing three turnovers and sealing the win with that memorable interception at the goal line, jumping Jason Witten's route and keeping it a two-score game with six minutes to go.

2: Big Ben drives a stake though our hearts

I won't dare post the video, because it will only raise my blood pressure more, and I'm still recovering from Sunday. Regardless of the outcome, the Packers played in two of this season's most gut-wrenching and intense games 

1: Packers clinch a playoff spot against the Seahawks

Yes, it's a little cheesy, but as the only game I was able to attend this year, this game will be what I remember most about this season. A complete offensive assault deflated the Seahawks, and vaulted the Packers back into the playoffs. The victory lap around Lambeau by Driver, Jennings, Woodson, et. al. is my favorite moment of the year.

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