The NFL needs younger, smarter and more athletic officials who can keep up with the game and remember the frickin rules

I keep reading stories and comments defending the NFL after their latest loss in their ongoing battle with integrity...don't try to tell me that the NFL is doing the best that they can to ensure the "integrity of the game" when they have had numerous examples of Scott Green and Co. inability to do their jobs properly during the season and then they reward them by having them work a playoff game!!

He blew the call on the game winning play in Arizona. Period. Then the NFL tried, (as usual) to cover it up. They issued a statement that AVOIDED the issue and focused on something else...As they say in their statement, it's true that the rulebook states that a play on which a player "incidentally grasps" an opponent's facemask in a manner that "is not a twist, turn or pull" is not a penalty. But that's NOT the issue, 1. the rules are different for quarterbacks, who aren’t allowed to be hit above the shoulder pads and 2. The penalty occurred before Arizona recovered the ball...

Former NFL referee Bill Carollo, who retired after 20 years as an NFL official in 2008 and now works as the Big Ten Conference’s director of officiating (and with nothing to gain or cover up here offers a more impartial opinion than my own) told ESPNMadison’s Steve “The Homer” True Monday that referee Scott Green and his crew missed what should have been a 15-yard facemask or unnecessary roughness penalty on Adams, who caught Rodgers’ facemask with his right hand and pulled on it after forcing Rodgers’ fumble.

“Certainly (Adams) made contact, dislodged the ball, and continued and hit the quarterback. He did get him in the facemask; you can’t hit him above the shoulders with anything,” said Carollo, who watched the game on television. “In this case, probably a personal foul could’ve been called on that play. (Green) didn’t necessarily rule that it was a pass, so it couldn’t be roughing the passer, but he could have an unnecessary roughness on that play for grabbing the facemask.”

“If a penalty was called on that play, you’d have to throw the flag, and then determine, when did the foul occur? That makes a big difference in this case because it’s really close,” Carollo explained. “In this case, though, when the facemask was grabbed, the ball was still loose, which means it was still in the Packers’ possession. So they have not lost possession. The foul happened before the ball was recovered in the air. If the foul happened after the fact, and the Arizona player had the ball, then Arizona would keep the ball with the penalty assessed from that spot. “In this case, I believe the penalty occurred before Arizona recovered the ball in the air, so it would be a previous-spot foul: 15 yards from the previous spot.” That means the Packers should have had the ball first-and-10 at their own 39-yard line.

Carollo also said Green’s crew missed what should have been an offensive pass interference penalty on Larry Fitzgerald on Fitzgerald’s 33-yard touchdown catch-and-run, when he knocked Woodson down before catching Kurt Warner’s pass.
“You can have a collision if they’re both looking for the ball. You can have people run into each other and have nothing if they’re both looking for the ball,” Carollo said. “But I think Fitzgerald had his back to the quarterback before he made his cut, and (even if) he didn’t see Woodson, the responsibility is on the offense to know where he’s going. He knows his route."
“At the same time, the defense can’t cut him off, but it looked like Fitzgerald ran through him and knocked him down, and of course caught the pass. That’s, again, a judgment call not covered by replay. They didn’t call anything, but normally something like that, something is called (on the offensive player) unless it’s incidental tripping.”

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Don't try to tell me that the NFL is doing the best that they can to ensure the "integrity of the game"!!! That crap really gets me upset!!! I am an avid fan of the NFL and I want to see the players winning and losing the games. If I wanted to watch an officiating clusterhump I'd watch the NBA. With so MANY rules that are open to interpretation and with senile refs like Green (who was probably more concerned with getting his Depends changed by the start of overtime), incompetent buffoons like Walt Coleman and guys obcessed with their facetime like Mike Carey, we, the fans are much more likely to see our teams getting the Belmont Transfer again from the zeebs....They need younger, smarter, more athletic officials who can keep up with the game and remember the frickin rules...what they have is old farts who can't keep up with the action, can't remember the rules, can't make the instant decisions necessary to do their jobs without consulting 3 other refs (who may not have even seen anything) and can't see past their beer bellies...and for God's sake, tighten up the definitions of the rules so the refs can't screw it up!!!! !!!!

Thanks for letting me vent. It's my first FanPost so if my spelling, grammatical errors, punctuation blunders or unnecessary stupidity gave you gas I apologize...Go Packers!

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