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Facemask: Aaron Rodgers Keeps Quiet (And Avoids A Fine), Ken Whisenhunt Didn't Notice Anything

Did you see any "twisting, turning, or pulling" on QB Aaron Rodgers's facemask?

From AP:

Rodgers didn’t complain Monday, saying he was more concerned about his own mistakes.

I'm not surprised he didn't complain. Officials are a very delicate bunch. If you swear near an official, like Titans' defensive coordinator (and ex-Packer) Chuck Cecil did, you'll get hit with a $20,000 fine. Rodgers would probably stand to lose a lot more money if he actually complained about a missed call.

Cardinals' head coach Ken Whisenhunt must have had that part shaded out on the game film. From Mike Sando at ESPN:

"I've just watched it on tape," Whisenhunt said. "This was a game that went longer than 60 minutes. There are all kinds of plays during the course of that game that go on. That to me was the way they called the game. I really haven't looked at it in depth. I was more focused on seeing the ball come off Aaron Rodgers' foot and going to Karlos' hand and him running for a touchdown." 

Sounds like Whisenhunt won't be calling for an official review. 

I watched the play several times. It's not an easy call to make. 

As someone that has watched a lot of Packer players called for facemask penalties this season, the Packers are probably the facemask experts in the NFL this season, I've seen a lot of slight touches called for a facemask this season. From this photo, which appears to be taken from an angle below Rodgers, it looks like the top of his helmet is over his eyes. Maybe it isn't as obvious from a camera angle above where all you can see is the top of his helmet, but it sure looks like it from ground level (a.k.a. where the official stands). 

The missed call doesn't take away that the Cardinals played good enough to win, but it's a tainted victory.