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Charles Woodson Is The Best - Defensive Player Of The Year

I wanted to write about CB Charles Woodson winning Defensive Player of the Year, which is somewhat unnecessary since Mitchell already covered it here, Tex already covered it here, and it was announced a couple days ago, but there's some good quotes from his press conference on Tuesday:

It ranks up there pretty high. For football, this is the highest level. To receive this award amongst all the players that are in this league that were possible candidates for it, it means a lot. It's a big-time award, and like I say it's at the highest level...

The way that Dom decided to use me this year in certain situations, certain games, definitely as far as this award is concerned helped out a lot, because he used me in a lot of different ways - safety, dime, nickel, on the outside, blitzing, zone concepts, man concepts, whatever. He trusted me to do a lot with this team and this defense...

I've told this story a million times, and it's not a secret that I didn't want to come to Green Bay. It was really the only option for me at the time...It took some time. It just took me playing football, playing good football, and we were able to get past a lot of things early. Just the way that this organization, the way they take care of you, the community is great. The way Mike has taken care of me, our relationship has gotten a lot better. Just the people here have been good, all over the state of Wisconsin.

One last point:

(Who told you that you won the award? When and where were you?) 
I was asleep. I was dreaming about the Super Bowl, and I got the call...

It's of course a bittersweet moment, because I wish we were preparing for a game this weekend.

I still can't believe they lost the game. I'll have dreams that I've overslept and missed the Packers' game, but then I wake up and realize that my dream is just some crazy game that couldn't have possibly happened. Maybe I'll wake up soon.