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Berry Gets Fined - Schneider to Seattle

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From, while there was no flag on DE Bertrand Berry for his helmet-to-helmet hit of QB Aaron Rodgers on the 2nd to last play of the game, he did earn a $5,000 fine. But there was no fine for CB Michael Adams for grabbing Rodgers's facemask, as the NFL continues to sweep that one under the rug. For what it's worth, Mike McCarthy said he was more concerned about the helmet-to-helmet shot.

From the Press-Gazette, the Packers' director of football operations, John Schneider, is in the running to become the next GM in Seattle. He's probably a long shot behind former Titans' GM Floyd Reese, who's a long-time coach and GM, mostly as a member of the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans. Reese has spent the past couple years working for ESPN and most recently the Patriots. While I'm sure Schneider is important to the Packers' front office, I usually hear Reggie McKenzie's (both Schneider and McKenzie have the same title) name come up when evaluating players. Schneider seems to be more of a cap manager than a scouting coordinator. That might actually make him a better fit since I'm sure Pete Carroll will be the man in charge for the Seahawks.