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Charles Woodson, All-Pro - Turner and Phillips Are Back For More - Chan Gailey to Buffalo

Though it was announced last Thursday, after he was announced as Defensive Player of the Year, I hadn't written that CB Charles Woodson was also named first team All-Pro. I had been looking for a list of past Green Bay Packers to be named on the first team, and I finally remembered to check out While some of the big name Packers of the 1990s made it (WR Sterling Sharpe, QB Brett Favre, FS LeRoy Butler, DE Reggie White), the last decade was a dry spell with only FS Darren Sharper named in 2000 and FB William Henderson in 2004. So it's another great honor for Woodson.

There isn't much news about the Green Bay Packers right now, but there are a lot of coaching changes in the NFL.

As the story headline says, Norv Turner and Wade Phillips fail in the playoffs, but are rewarded with contract extensions anyway. I'd be rather uninspired by those moves if I was a fan of the Chargers or Cowboys.

I also feel bad for Bills fans. They've already moved onto Plan C in their coaching search. They can't even get an interview with Jets' offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. And now it looks like Chan Gailey is their man, though he was recently fired "relieved of duties" right before the start of the season by the Chiefs. Great quote from Brian at Buffalo Rumblings: "If you can't get The Chin, settle for The Chan." 

I'm surprised that defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has resigned from the Broncos. It appears the departure has shocked Bronco fans too. He had done a great job turning around a defense that was a disaster in 2008 under former (and awful in 2004) Packer defensive coordinator Bob Slowik. Nolan was in the mix for the defensive coordinator job last season with the Packers, but he accepted the job in Denver before the Packers hired Dom Capers. Last January, Nolan seemed like the obvious choice for the Packers. Mike McCarthy was Nolan's offensive coordinator back in 2005 with the 49ers. Now it's rumored that Nolan is headed to the Dolphins