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Hunting For Gems On PFT

Pro Football Talk is the premier rumor mill of the NFL universe.  If you want to read up on all the conjecture, speculation, and all sorts of unfounded poppycock, this is where to look.  But PFT has a valuable resource of another kind.


Anyone who's been around the internet knows how comments work.  Either add to the conversation, ask related questions, or make funny quips (the shorter, the better).  Tangents are frowned upon, but accepted as long as they're not excessive.  And you're supposed to be nice and respectful and all that junk.

Most importantly, those more experienced on these here tubes can immediately spot those who are new to the process.  It's awesome.  There's errors in logic, syntax, grammar, spelling, and if you're lucky, an allusion to a deity of some sort.  And PFT is a treasure trove of these sorts of comments.  Here's a sampling, from this article:

bob_nelson: It must be the refs fault that he was napping.The Packers were the most over ratted team in all of football,beating not one team that was either good or not missing at least one of their star players,the packers are a joke,they are the laughing stalk of the NFL.Thank god I have seen the light.

Ooh, Lordy.  That's a good one.  My question?  What happened to using spaces between sentences?  It's not like the space bar is broken; he's got space between "laughing" and "stalk". 

So here's your task, readers.  Go to PFT.  Find the morons.  Copy/paste them somewhere in the comments, or make a FanShot/FanPost.  Give Mike Florio the page views, it's worth it.  It doesn't matter what team, what player, or what other subject the comment is about.  We're looking for the worst of the worst.