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Around SB Nation: Jack Del Rio Interview and Panther Safety Chris Harris

Not a lot of news regarding the Green Bay Packers going on right now. Mitchell covered the departure of John Schneider to Seattle, and I threw my two cents in the comments. But there's a couple cool things on the NFL SB Nation blogs.

The Jaguars' blog Big Cat Country got an interview with head coach Jack Del Rio. It sounds cool to interview an NFL head coach, but I'm not sure my nerves could stand it. I was nervous interviewing Jan Stenerud (who's a great guy, by the way). If I were to interview Mike McCarthy, who I really like as a head coach, I'd probably get nothing but coach speak (i.e. "one game at a time") or disbelief at the idiocy of my questions. At least I would be in good company: he usually can't believe at least one of the questions during each press conference. 

Over at the Panthers' blog Cat Scratch Reader, Panther S Chris Harris has become a regular writer on the site. His most recent posts have focused on Haitian relief efforts. LB Nick Barnett or RB Ryan Grant (both regular Twitter users) are more than welcome to stop by and write a FanPost anytime they want.