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The Unnamed Links Post

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It's time for our first installment of the as-yet-unnamed links post! I know you're all excited, and here...we...GO!

The Packers and Jaguars are competing for the Campbell's Chunky Soup "Click for Cans" competition, and could use your help to earn them their eighth title in a row, helping out Wisconsin food pantries.

Check out the Pack's official season-end press release.

Not surprisingly, Mike Vandermause of the GB Press-Gazette has identified the same personnel issues to address that we have at APC: O-Line, secondary, and pass rush.

Make sure to vote below for your favorite name for this segment. More links after the jump.

Tom Pelissero of the Press-Gazette discusses whether there will be any changes to the front office with John Schneider out of the picture.

Adding to the honors bestowed upon him, Clay Matthews was named to the NFL All-Rookie team. B.J. Raji was also given the same honor.

Why would the Bills hire Chan Gailey, who has had limited success as a head coach in Dallas and at Georgia Tech, over Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier? The world may never know...

To supplement our discussion on the Packers' free agents-to-be, this article makes a strong argument for keeping Atari Bigby, suggesting that his improving football intelligence may be starting to catch up to his big-play ability.

If you thought Pro Bowl jerseys couldn't get any uglier, check out this year's uniforms.

In my "story that nobody cares about" of the day, a long-snapper has been added to the AFC Pro Bowl roster. Congratulations to the Raiders' Jon Condo.

Finally, if you're planning on running for election in Massachusetts, don't diss Fenway Park. (For the record, she lost on Tuesday.)