Expendable Players (or trade bait) for 2010

The Packers have around 6-8 players who are somewhat expendable, meaning that either they don't quite fit into what the Packers are doing now, or their place on the team has been superseded by younger players. Either in combination with another player or a draft pick, these men might enable the Packers to pick up some 2nd and 3rd round picks, or maybe even a Pro Bowl type player from another team, especially as there are a few 'disguntled' players around.

The Packers are deep at linebacker, but without enough real standouts. It makes some of the crowd at LB expendable, especially if an outstanding player can be found. Trading a LB would also make sense if an excellent player at another position could be picked up, and an adequate LB could be added to make up for the loss.

For example, let say we can send A.J. Hawk to Cleveland (this would delight Cleveland fans) and exchange 1st round draft positions, we could then draft Rolando McClain LB from Alabama. We benefit (We'd have the two best young OLBs in the NFL.) and so does Cleveland (They improve at LB and still get a 1st round pick.). Another example would be to send Hawk to Cleveland for Joshua Cribbs, who isn't happy there. We get the explosive kick returner we need, and picking up a part-time LB shouldn't be too hard.

After the jump is more about who the expendable players are, and what we might be able to get in return.

The expendable players at LB are Hawk, Brady Poppinga and Aaron Kampman. Of course, Kampman would need to be re-signed first. Each of these guys has proved themselves enough to attract some interest.

Daryn Colledge has the experience to attract interest, and he is too expensive and not effective enough to keep around. Besides T.J. Lang will replace him.

With the emergence of Jermichael Finley, Donald Lee has become expendable. While Lee wouldn't attract major interest, a trade package including him could be enticing for the 20 or so NFL teams without a good receiving, decent blocking TE.

There was interest in Jarrett Bush last off season. He is a very good special team player, with some DB potential. The Packers might be able to sweeten a trade package with him.

Either John Kuhn or Korey Hall should be expendable. I can't see the Packers carrying 3 fullbacks again next year. A FB doesn't attract major interest, but either could up the ante a bit in possible trade.

While this might be a bit more controversial, I think that either James Jones or Jordy Nelson could be expendable if the right trade came along. Both are more-than-adequate, but not outstanding, 3rd receivers. And both are very good 4th receivers. Neither really seems to be capable of either replacing or supplanting Donald Driver as the 2nd WR. And there are always disgruntled WRs around. Including either Jones or Nelson in a trade could help the Packers pick up a top quality wideout. And having another star at WR would enable Driver to move to the no 3 slot and continue his career in a way that would help both him and the Packers.

The last idea of trading either Jones or Nelson intrigues me, because I can imagine the Packers with 3 outstanding WRs and Finley at TE. Everyone knows that Brandon Marshall is not happy at Denver, and Denver is not happy with him. Could the Broncos be enticed by a mid-round pick, a good WR and either Colledge (they're a bit weak at guard) or Hawk? Anquan Boldin would also be happy with a move. The Cardinals could use a good tackling, run-stopping ILB to complement Dansby, which we have in Hawk. Calvin Johnson would be delighted to get out of Detroit and play for a winning team, and the Lions need help at practically any position on defense. Other possibly available WRs include Braylon Edwards and Anthony Gonzalez.

I also think that it might be possible to get Oakland to trade Nnamdi Asomugha, who would solve our CB problems for the next few years. Like Detroit, the Raiders need help almost everywhere, and Al Davis doesn't seem to value his truly valuable players. Darren McFadden is another possibility.

Who are other disgruntled stars that I've missed?

More likely might be trading some of these guys and getting an additional 2 to 4 draft picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, or maybe moving up to get a better 1st round pick, or even an additional one, in the manner we got Matthews last year.

Finally, though I say that Kampman is expendable, I'd like to see Capers get a bit more creative and use Kampman as a pass-rushing specialist in different nickel and dime packages, rather than as an OLB in the 3-4. Put him and Clay Matthews on the same side in a nickel package and watch the opposing OL try and stop them.

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