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Open Thread: Jets at Colts

Another week, another Jets playoff road game. If only it could be the Green Bay Packers traveling for their 3rd consecutive road playoff game in Minneapolis today...

Back in reality, the Jets are at Indianapolis for a rematch of sorts. The Jets won at Indy on December 27, but the Colts sat their starters in the 2nd half. Football Outsiders expects a Colts victory, but I'm on the fence about it. Home field advantage and a generally poor play from QB Mark Sanchez all season should favor the Colts, but anything can happen during a game to make a prediction useless. Such as the time last week when the Chargers' All-Pro kicker missed 3 FG attempts last week to help the Jets advance into the championship game.

So what do you think? Are the Jets a team of destiny? Are the Jets just lucky and their luck ends today? Are the Colts just going to bring the hammer and play like the near 16-0 team they were during the regular season?