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AFC Championship Game: Colts Headed To The Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts for winning the AFC Championship game 30-17. 

Stat Colts Jets
Total Yards 461 388
Rushing Yards/Carry 4.2 3.0
3rd Down Efficiency 4 for 11 6 for 14
Turnovers 1 1

I didn't watch a lot of this game, but even when the Jets were leading, or keeping the score close, it felt like the Colts were the better team and the Jets were just hanging around. The Jets had 125 yards of offense on 2 big pass plays in the 2nd quarter, but it only put them up by 8 points. 

The clear MVP was QB Peyton Manning. The Jets took Wayne and Clark out of the game, and Manning just got the ball to Garcon (11 for 151 and 1 TD) and Collie (7 for 123 and 1 TD). His final line was 26 for 39, 377 yards, and 3 TDs against the best pass defense in the NFL. I'm not a big fan of his, but that was a big time performance.

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