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Who Wants To Be The Bears Offensive Coordinator?

I hadn't been following the Chicago Bears' search for a new offensive coordinator, but it has become quite the sideshow. They've swung and missed on their first 5 choices, including Green Bay Packers' quarterbacks coach Tom Clements. Here's the complete list from Kevin Seifert.

I never thought Ron Turner was a good offensive coordinator, so replacing him should help them in the long-run. Assuming they can hire a good offensive coordinator. And it's not good when your only option left is Mike Martz.

I agree with Dane Noble: Jeremy Bates would have been a great fit for them. He worked with QB Jay Cutler in Denver, and was USC's offensive coordinator last year. But I can't blame him for accepting the job in Seattle with Pete Carroll. I'd expect Carroll to outlast Lovie Smith as an NFL head coach, and the Bears don't have a 1st or 2nd round pick this April. He'd have to rebuild in Chicago with the players currently on the roster, while he might have the opportunity to rebuild the Seahawks' offense from scratch (starting with the No. 6 pick overall). 

I can appreciate their problems, but as a Packer fan, the news that they're resorting to their 6th option is something that can only help the Packers next season.