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Schiefelbein to Cleveland and Murphy on the CBA

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Mike Holmgren continued to reconstruct the Browns' front office by hiring Mark Schiefelbein from the Green Bay PackersSchiefelbein will be the VP of Football Operations in Cleveland, and he was the Director of Football Administrations for the Packers. But what the heck do those titles mean? Is he really important to the team? As his Packers' title suggest: he's an administrator. My best guess is that he helped the coaches and players run on schedule. He's still in the Football Operations department of the Browns' front office, but now he might be in charge of contract negotiations and managing the salary cap. Obviously, those functions are needed, but it's only noticed when it's done poorly. I'm sure the Packers will find a good candidate to replace him, and the team will continue to function smoothly.

It was announced on Tuesday that Packers' President Mark Murphy would hold a press conference on labor negotiations, but by Wednesday the NFL had changed their minds. Basically the players and the teams are far apart, which is what I would expect without the threat of an eminent lockout or strike. I'm not really interested in how these millionaires decide to divide a multi-billion dollar pot, so long as it doesn't take away any football games.