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What Would It Take To Make You Watch The Pro Bowl?

Practices for the Pro Bowl began on Wednesday. 

The SB Nation NFL writers discuss various ways to Fix The Pro Bowl. Moving the game to Miami before the Super Bowl is only a one-year experiment. I'm curious if the Pro Bowl makes any money for the NFL. I suppose it does or they would have scrapped it a long time ago.

The most interesting idea I had, but it's something the NFL would never adopt, is to play it the week before the first preseason game. And instead of having it in a warm weather location, host the game in a city that doesn't currently have an NFL team. The NFL teams used to barnstorm during the preseason in the hopes of drumming up interest in cities without a team. But now the NFL could use it as a potential bargaining tool for expansion or relocation. Host the game in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Portland. Logistics would cause some juggling: for example Portland doesn't have a major stadium, so the game might have to be played in Corvallis (Oregon State) or Eugene (University of Oregon). Or make it the annual game in London. That might not interest most NFL fans, but it'd be a big event in that particular city.