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Improve The Special Teams: Reshuffle The Coaches

If there's one area the Green Bay Packers have to improve next season it's the special teams. The returns and coverage were awful. I'm willing to give K Mason Crosby another chance, but he needs competition in training camp, and I don't want to see another season with P Jeremy Kapinos. There are no great options in free agency so this is something they'll have to address in the draft, or with an undrafted free agent.

In a small move toward improving the special teams, Mike McCarthy changed the duties of two former NFL players. Former special team KR Chad Morton is moving from the Football Operations side, where he was a Coaching Administrator who compiled game film and stats, to become the Assistant Special Teams coach. Former Packer S Curtis Fuller held the position last year, and he's taking over Morton's old job. While I'm sure Fuller played on special teams as a pro, Morton was an outstanding kick returner back in 2002 for the Jets, and a free agent signing by Daniel Snyder for the 2003 Redskins. It seems obvious Morton would be a special teams coach. 

Also, there was a minor reshuffling in that Mark Lovat is now Dave Redding's boss as the new head strength and conditioning coach. Redding came out of retirement last year, he had previously worked with McCarthy in Kansas City, so it's not surprising to see he is apparently acting as a mentor for Lovat. 

Overall this is a major departure from last year when after McCarthy's postseason evaluation, he released the entire defensive coaching staff (except inside LB coach Winston Moss), and strength and conditioning coach Rock Gullickson. Special teams coach Mike Stock had retired earlier that month.