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Slice of Cheese - 1/29

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It's cheese time again, folks! This time with a slightly different layout, since I found a nice SBNation tool for writing these posts.

Clay Matthews Pro Bowl Diary
The Claymaker shares his thoughts on his trip to Miami. He predicts that the NFC will be victorious on the strength of four Aaron Rodgers TD passes.

Goodell: Switching date of Pro Bowl has been a success
Sticking with the Pro Bowl, the commish apparently approves of moving the Pro Bowl to this week. He must have forgotten that the AFC has half its starting quarterbacks on the team.

Mawae: Owners, players 'on (opposite) 10-yard lines' on new CBA
Apparently there is a lot of space between the two sides of the CBA. As Brandon mentioned a while back, I doubt that anything will happen until there is a serious threat of a lockout imminent.

More to come...

Josh Cribbs hopeful deal will get done with Cleveland Browns
Cribbs wants to stay in Cleveland. I think it's unlikely that he goes elsewhere, and extremely unlikely that he ends up in Green Bay. It would be pretty awesome if he did, though.

Pack may not keep all 13 free agents
On the player personnel front, Greg Bedard gives his take on how the Pack will proceed with their free agents. Our pick for the highest priority non-Nick Collins player (by a nose), Ryan Pickett, is also apparently the Pack's priority among the unrestricted free agents. It should be interesting to see how the offensive linemen shake out. Bedard seems to think Chad Clifton will be a much higher priority than Mark Tauscher.

Thompson left wanting more
Ted seems pleased with the success of this year's team, but not satisfied. I think that's the right attitude to take. While the team played well and the defense turned around, there are still plenty of holes to fill and mistakes to correct, and I would say I'm in the same boat--pleased but not satisfied.

Green Bay Packers' Greg Jennings launches Fuel Up to Play 60 drive at Parkview Middle School
Always nice to see players working on community service and awareness projects. I enjoy seeing and posting these.

The Jesusback Commercial Destined to Reignite the Culture Wars (And the Snack Chip Crusades)
And for your funny video link of the day, check out Kissing Suzy Kolber's mashup of corporate and cultural ad campaigns. It should be SFW, although, like the rest of KSK's work, it's lewd, crude, and very funny.

If you don't like today's cheese, then back off man. I'm a scientist.