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Early Morning Games Open Thread

The Green Bay Packers are playing a late afternoon game in Arizona, so what early games are you watching? I'm guessing the Giants at Vikings game is on in most places, which is an interesting game to keep an eye on because it could effect where the Packers will play next weekend. The Eagles at Cowboys game, and of course the Packers at Cardinals game, still play the largest part in determining their next game. 

I've been searching around for NFL news this weekend, and I'm not finding much. The lead stories are about coaching changes and who's coaching their last game today, and the latest WR Brandon Marshall drama. But the biggest story is the games themselves. Three NFC games to set the playoff schedule, and the entire AFC is wide open with 7 teams still battling for the 2 wild card spots. There's going to be at least one surprise from one of those AFC spots.

And is there a big name fantasy QB that isn't getting benched this week?