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Brief Recap: Green Bay Packers Defeat Cardinals 33-7

It wasn't much of a preview for the Green Bay Packers and Cardinals playoff game next week.

QB Kurt Warner didn't move the ball in their first two possessions, and after he was pulled as a precaution, QB Matt Leinart was awful as his replacement. And the Packers only managed 1 QB hit (zero sacks) against them, so there's no indication they'll be harassing Warner next week. The Cardinals had little success running the ball, 14 carries for 48 yards, but they also took RB Beanie Wells out early. Their only TD was after an errant pass from QB Matt Flynn was returned down to the Packers' 3 yard line. I'm not expecting to hold the Cards to only 187 yards of offense, with 3 INTs, next week.

But the Packers' offense did a lot of damage against the Cardinals' 1st team defense in the first half. They marched down the field for 2 TDs on their first 2 drives, and they controlled the line of scrimmage. RB Ryan Grant had a lot of room to run. The Packers kept QB Aaron Rodgers in until the 4th quarter, and the offense did little with Flynn at QB. But the Packers were almost exclusively running the ball in the final quarter too. 

I was hoping to have an update about CB Charles Woodson's injured shoulder, but I couldn't find anything. I'm not sure if it's the same shoulder that's been injured for the past couple weeks, but hopefully it's not serious. 

It's hard to find anything to criticize with a 33-7 victory, and it's a promising sign of a win next week too.