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The APC Fantasy Football League Winners

This is a sponsored post.

Back in August, I announced the Acme Packing Company fantasy football league on Fleaflicker. I ended up running two leagues (Acme Packing Company and Lombardi Avenue). I'm such a great commish that I somehow managed to set up the leagues differently without realizing it. While Lombardi Avenue was done after week 16, Acme Packing Company didn't finish until last Sunday. 

Lombardi Avenue: In an upset, the Cheese Men entered the playoffs as the No. 4 seed, but prevailed in the championship game in week 16 behind big games from QB Matt Schaub and RB Jonathan Stewart. The No. 2 seed, Certain Shade of Green, had the misfortune of watching his fantasy star QB Aaron Rodgers benched for the 4th quarter against the Seahawks

Acme Packing Company: The No. 2 seed WildCats won the championship game behind big games from a bunch of Vikings in week 17 (Favre, Rice, and Peterson) as they went up against what the Giants consider an NFL defense. It was bad timing for the No. 4 seed (The Incredible Bulk) as QB Donovan McNabb sucked against the Cowboys and WR Larry Fitzgerald had to try and catch passes from QB Matt Leinart. He could have salvaged the victory if he had played RB Fred Jackson (212 yards, 1 TD) over RB Maurice Jones-Drew (that would have been a tough call) or QB Kyle Orton over McNabb (not as tough, but not an obvious move). 

As I announced back in August, each of the winners will be receiving an Acme Packers jersey, or gift card if they choose. 

Congratulations to everyone who won their fantasy football league, I was a three-league loser this year, and better luck next year to everyone who came up short.