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Charles Woodson: NFC Defensive Player of the Month

CB Charles Woodson has been named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month for December. A pretty impressive accomplishment, and here are the other winners this season.

September: CB Charles Woodson, Green Bay 
October: S Darren Sharper, New Orleans 
November: CB Charles Woodson, Green Bay 
December: CB Charles Woodson, Green Bay

That's a short list. That probably puts him on the short list for NFL Defensive Player of the Year. The only Green Bay Packer to ever win the award was DE Reggie White in 1998.

He also was the only Packer named as a stud in the SB Nation Studs and Duds Awards. Thankfully no Packers were included among the duds this season because only Packer fans know who RT Allen Barbre or CB Jarrett Bush are.