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Saturday Fantasy Preview - Packers vs. Dolphins

The Packers play the Dolphins this Sunday. Enjoy. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
The Packers play the Dolphins this Sunday. Enjoy. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
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I have to admit, this article is going up in a rush. I'm writing this early Friday, as I'm about to finish the drive up to Madison for the opening hockey weekend and the Wisconsin-Ohio State game, so I'm going to fly through it.

Dolphins' Offense
The Wildcat, when properly schemed and recognized, is not nearly as effective as it used to be. What is effective, however, is chucking the ball downfield and letting Brandon Marshall go get it.

QB Chad Henne - 13
Henne will get 250 yards, a TD, and a pick against the Packers' thinning, but still talented, pass defense.

WR Brandon Marshall - 17
I don't see Marshall being contained this week. He's a monster, and if he gets a few plays without Charles Woodson on his back hip, he'll break one. 110 and a score.

RB Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams - 12 each
I see both players getting plenty of game action, racking up 60 yards and a score apiece.

Packers' Offense
Obviously it all hinges on whether or not Rodgers plays. As I sit here Friday, signs are positive and he looks like he'll go, so that's what I'll assume.

QB Aaron Rodgers - 15
The Dolphins' defense can cause problems and is talented in the secondary. I see about 250 yards for Rodgers as well, adding a TD, an INT, and 20 yards on the ground.

RB Brandon Jackson - 7
I can't buy into Jackson's game last week. Some people saw it as a breakout, but I saw one slipped tackle in the secondary that gave up a single 70-yard gain. I did see promising signs in the playcalling in the first half, using Jackson more in the passing game and on draw plays, but not enough to advocate starting him. It will be another 40/30 day.

RB John Kuhn - 9
Kuhn has to get a goal line TD sometime, right? 30 yards and a score.

WR Greg Jennings - 7
Jennings goes for 70 yards, but is held out of the end zone.

WR Donald Driver - 11
I see Driver getting a short score and 50 yards.

TE Andrew Quarless - 5
Quarless really has a chance to show his talent now that Finley and Lee are out for a significant period of time. I think he's held out of the end zone, but makes a few nice plays and gets 50 yards.

Hopefully the Packers' defense can force some turnovers and give the offense a short field. If not, I don't feel too confident about the Pack winning this game with all the injuries across the board.