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Brett Favre and His Return (Again)To Lambeau

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One of the lowlights I've ever had as a fan of the Green Bay Packers happened last year. I was expecting them to show up with a lot of pride and energy when the Minnesota Vikings played at Lambeau last November, but instead they went down by 21 points early in the 3rd quarter, and I watched as QB Brett Favre looked profoundly smug on the sidelines in the closing minutes.

There's no word on how his meeting went for possible violation of the league's personal conduct policy, but it's pretty safe to assume it won't have any impact on his availability for Sunday's game.

In the Sports Illustrated preview issue, QB Aaron Rodgers was quoted saying "I think we put too much emphasis" on the two Vikings games last season. 

According to the Journal-Sentinel, the players quoted don't think it'll be like 2009 again this season. It certainly feels different to me. The Packers record isn't much different than this time last year, but the Vikings are staring at a losing record and Favre's QB rating is down in the QB Alex Smith and QB Bruce Gradowski dumpster. 

It's an important divisional game nonetheless, and it's the Vikings game no matter what, but how different does this game feel compared to last year?