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Acme Packing Company Fantasy League: Where We Stand After 6 Weeks

This is the 3rd year I've run the Acme Packing Company league which is comprised of friends of the blog and my own personal friends. And for the 3rd year in a row, my team is limping along with a good point total, but something keeps holding them back. The league is also looking for its 3rd champion in 3 seasons as the two previous champs (wildcats and Devil Dogs) are currently cellar dwellers. Ah, sweet parity.

Team Record Streakage Points Scored Points Against
Weasel Sausage 5-1 W1 633 489
Powered by Peyton Manning, who's the fantasy league MVP after 6 weeks. It has sure helped that he's had by far the fewest points scored against him.
Greedy Goblins 4-2 W1 638 638
An early choice of Drew Brees has helped, and the surprise of Arian Foster has been a boon to many fantasy owners this year. The winning record is surprising since his opponents have been up to the challenge and kept pace with the top points team in the league.
BeerGuzzlers 4-2 L1 629 537
Another top team with another top QB (Phillip Rivers). This is a QB powered league.
Notre Dame Box 3-3 W1 635 621
Which is why I'm in 4th place with only Matt Ryan as my starter. I waited too long to grab a QB. Also, I see a losing streak in my future as I just lost my No. 2 fantasy player, TE Antonio Gates.
The Juche Idea 3-3 L2 622 641
The injuries are piling up, and Tom Brady has been too inconsistent. Chris Johnson can only do so much.
Don't Blame BP, Blame Kiper's Hair 3-3 W2 603 625
No huge star, but a lot of solid players. His team is playing better than it appears due to one horrific week dragging down his stats, but he'll need his Eli Manning/Michael Vick platoon to continue to produce.
Favre's Wafflehouse 2-4 L1 582 534
He's struggling to overcome the two headed, twin disappointments at the top of his fantasy draft (Jones-Drew and Turner).
Devil Dogs 2-4 L1 549 526
This is what happens when work gets in the way of your fantasy team, and you have to let the auto-draft take over.
wildcats 2-4 L3 511 642
A Packer heavy roster plus Adrian Peterson won the league last year, but losing Ryan Grant after 8 carries, and now Jermichael Finley, has taken it's toll. It certainly hasn't helped that he's got no clear cut No. 2 to carry the load with Aaron Rodgers. There's always next season.
Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe 2-4 W2 507 656
He's at the bottom, but won his last 2. A mid-season trade for Tony Romo has given his team a boost, but now he's got Big Ben back too. We've got no trade deadline, so maybe he can now swap a QB for a RB/WR. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.