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Packers Sign LB Erik Walden

When the Green Bay Packers announced that they had removed three players from the active roster while only adding two, I expected it meant that they were leaving a spot open to active either CB Al Harris or SS Atari Bigby. Though it would have meant they had one fewer linebacker, and at least one extra defensive back, then they had been keeping on the roster this season.

Instead they were just making room for another player. They announced that they've signed LB Erik Walden. Here's a little background from NFL Draft Scout. He was a 6th round draft choice by the Cowboys in 2008 who's played on special teams for the Cowboys and the Dolphins. He's a former college defensive end who's made the transition to outside linebacker. 

Now it appears that they've got too many linebackers. They'll have to make room for Harris and Bigby (and potentially RB James Starks too, though it's more likely they'll just make that a decision between Starks and RB Dimitri Nance). That means the three linebackers signed this week (LB Matt Wilhelm, LB Diyral Briggs, and Walden) are playing for just one or two roster spots.